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Kille Pardi in Pardi near Valsad in Gujarat (India)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

After exploring the Parnera Fort in Atul, we headed down the stairs to reach the base. From there we boarded a shared rickshaw to the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway. The rickshaw driver agreed to take us to Kille Pardi in Pardi a couple of KM's away at a cost of Rs.80 for two. 
Fortification at Kille Pardi in Pardi

The moment we exited the highway, we entered the small and crowded town of Pardi. Looks like everyone from this town had taken the road, which made travelling on the road a difficult task. The rickshaw driver managed to dodge the traffic on the narrow and winding roads and finally alighted us at the entrance of Kille Pardi. 
Kille Pardi in Pardi
Outside the fort premises is a small bust of Shivaji Maharaj, with a write up in Gujarati. There is also a Post Office outside the fort premises. Another landmark to reach the fort. 
Post Office outside Kille Pardi in Pardi
Statue of Shivaji at Kille Pardi in Pardi
The fort is in ruins and is not occupied at all. Most of the structures on the fort premises are in ruins. 
A couple of houses had the no. 1745 and 1910 atop them, so not sure if the structures were built in that year or if it is just a number given to the structure. Dogs have made themselves a home in a couple of structures. So the moment we walked in they started barking at us. Oops, looks like we trespassed in their homes without their permission. 
Fortification at Kille Pardi in Pardi
Structures at Kille Pardi in Pardi
There is a lot of wild vegetation growing in the fort premises. There is also a bastion with a cylindrical pillar made of stone in its premises. Not sure about the significance of the stone pillar. Have been to forts in plenty, but haven't seen anything like this one.
There are a couple of house like structures in the fort premises. Again they are like ghost houses.
Ruins at Kille Pardi in Pardi
There is also a Dargah here.It is in use and prayers are offered. I am not sure of its name, but if you can read Gujarati then do post it in the comments. 
Structure at Kille Pardi in Pardi
The couple of walls are still standing in the fort premises. Some of them are still standing thanks to the support of the Banyan Tree.
We also saw a snake roaming freely in the fort premises. Fathima was stunned when she saw the snake. We didn't harm the snake nor did it harm us in any way.
Fathima and Me, at one of the bastions at Kille Pardi in Pardi
There is another way to enter the fort premises from the other side. There are a couple of bastions too, again due to thick vegetation we couldn't visit certain parts of the fort. The ASI should take this fort under its belt and work towards the renovation of the fort to be accessible to the public. 
Structures at Kille Pardi in Pardi
I was happy to see that there was no graffiti on the fort walls. Thank God, idiotic people have no visited this fort premises. 
Structures at Kille Pardi in Pardi
No food or water is available in the fort premises, the fort can be explored in 30 minutes. As the Pardi town is close by we can easily get refreshments there. 
Structures at Kille Pardi in Pardi
Pardi Rail station is close by, again only passenger trains stop at this station. One can reach the Rail Station and then board a rickshaw or walk it out to the fort premises. 
Structures at Kille Pardi in Pardi
Dargah at Kille Pardi in Pardi
We then had refreshments and headed over to the last fort on our itinerary. The Bagwada fort aka Arjungad located in Bagwada.


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