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Arjungad aka Bagwada fort in Bagwada near Vapi in Gujarat (India)

Monday, January 30, 2017

After visiting Kille Pardi, we decided to walk on the over crowded roads of the Pardi town to reach the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway.

Fortification of Bagwada fort aka Arjungad

We had refreshments there and boarded a shared rickshaw to Chauraha (Crossroad of four roads) at a cost of Rs.20 for two. From there we boarded another shared rickshaw to alight at the Bagwada Toll Plaza. It cost us Rs. 20 for two. 

Bagwada Rail station

We asked the locals for directions and they asked us to cross the railway line to reach the Bagwada fort base village. The Bagwada Rail station is located very close to the rail crossing. So if you alight at the station, when travelling by the passenger train to Valsad. You can walk it out to the fort. 

It took us around 25 minutes (walking) to reach the Bagwada Fort base village from the Rail crossing. We asked the locals of directions and finally reached the stairs that would take us, straight to the fort. 

Stairs to Bagwada fort aka Arjungad from Bagwada base village

After climbing up the stone staircase for about around 20 minutes we reach the Main and only entrance to the fort. The shade of the trees will stop the sun's heat from reaching you. There is a bell at the entrance. We rang the bell and then walked in the fort premises. 

We were greeted by identical rooms  on either side once we entered the fort premises. Not sure of the significance of these rooms. 

Entrance to Bagwada fort aka Arjungad

The fort is rectangular in shape and has four bastions on the four corners. The bastion offers a fantastic view of the land. We can see the railway line, Mumbai Ahmedabad highway and the  long and winding Kolak River from the side that is not fortified. The fort is fortified on three sides. 

Not much is known about the history of this place. But if you know about it, then do share with me, so that I can upload it on my blog.
The fort is very small in size, it will hardly take 15 minutes to see it. There is a Mahalaxmi Temple atop the fort premises. There is also a water body near the fort premises. Not sure if the water is portable. As there was no one atop the fort premises. 

Thats us

There is no food and water available on the fort premises. So food and water needs to be carried. Food and water is available in the base village.  

We then headed back to Bagwada village and from there to Bagwada Toll Plaza. From there we boarded a shared rickshaw to drop us to Chauraha (crossroad at Vapi). It cost us Rs. 40 for two. 
From the crossroad, we boarded another rickshaw to reach to Vapi Rail station. It cost us Rs.20 for two. 

Mahalaxmi temple atop Bagwada fort aka Arjungad

Fathima stood in the line to book a ticket to Valsad from Vapi. She booked the unreserved tickets at a cost of Rs.90 for two. By then Mohsin messaged me that our return tickets to Mumbai from Valsad via the Jodhpur Express have been confirmed. That bought a smile across my face. Now we didn't have to travel by the general compartment to Mumbai. 
View from Bagwada fort aka Arjungad

We boarded the Karnavati Express, from Vapi to reach Valsad in around 25 minutes. Now we had a major task ahead of us. We had to hunt for a place to stay in Valsad. As it was the Diwali, we were sure that we might not get a place to stay. After checking out a couple of hotels,  finally we got a place to stay in Hotel Sunshine near the Chauraha (crossroad at Valsad). The rooms were descent, though the cost was a bit high. Rs.900 for a double bed, non ac room. 

We had dinner in the form of Gujarati Thali at Hotel Mansarovar. It was filling, Cost us Rs.80 each. but I was more happy and content with the Thali I had at Junagadh.
Bastion at Bagwada fort aka Arjungad

The next morning, we woke up and headed to Raja and Rani, to have some mouth watering vada pav and cutlet. It was the best food I had on this Valsad trip so far. The Vada in the Pav was big and size and very tasty.

We then boarded the Jodhpur Express at 9:52 AM at Valsad to reach Borivali in Mumbai around 11:45 AM. The train traveled non stop to Borivali from Valsad. Again shortest travel time. There was hardly anyone travelling in the train. 

Gujarati Thali at Hotel Mansarover

On our return we could locate, Parnera Fort and Arjungad Fort perched atop the hill when we passed by from the respective closest stations. 

I was happy that I managed to explore Parnera Fort, Kille Pardi and Arjungad in Gujarat. I was saddened that I couldn't explore Ballalgad in village Kajali, Dhinsu Fort in Phanse and Indragad in Pali Karambeli. These formed the itinerary of next bike trip. 

Morning breakfast

We enjoyed the trip a lot, thanks to the winters, it wasn't that hot and made travelling easy up and down the hill. it didn't tire us out.

Keep reading and Keep exploring...


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