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Accomodation at Naldurg in Osmanabad

Monday, January 16, 2017

It took us 2 hours to reach Naldurg from Dhotri Fort.

Watchout for this board near Naldurg City area
The directions to Naldurg are tagged on google maps.

There are plenty of roadside hotels to eat at Naldurg. They are open 24 * 7. For accommodation there are three options. Hotel Atthiti on the outskirts of the city. But the rooms are not very good. The hotel above the beer bar near the ST bus stand. We didn't visit it as there would be noisy all night long, thanks to the drunkards. The third is the Govt Guest House which is located very close to the Naldurg ST bus stand. But then check with the caretaker if rooms are available.  Dial 9623228943, ask for Gawli, he is the caretaker.

Govt Guest House at Naldurg
ST buses ply from Solapur to Naldurg. Not sure about the frequency of the buses. 
Beef Biryani at Naldurg

We were lucky to get accommodation in the Govt Guest house at a cost of Rs.200 each. This is the first time ever, we have got to stay in a Govt Guest House. The guest house is spacious, especially the glamour room for bathing purposes. It has a bedroom, a dining room and also a sitting room along with a huge verandah . Not to forget the wooden flooring. Sorry no pics. 
Chicken Biryani at Naldurg
For dinner I had beef biryani here for 50 bucks. Ten pieces of beef. It made my day. Reminded me of my trip to Jaora. Manohar had the chicken biryani for Rs.60. 

Tomorrow morning we were to visit Naldurg fort.
Early morning view from Govt Guest House
Woke up at 530 am. The chirping of the birds was music to my ears. Not sure the names of the birds. But then there were many of them and symphony was just too good. 

We then ate breakfast in the form of Bun Maska and tea and headed towards Naldurg Fort. 

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