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Dhom Dam in Dhom village near Wai

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dhom Dam is built on the River Krishna.  it is located in Dhom village,  which is around 10 KM from Wai.  Dhom village is located in Wai taluka in Satara district,  Maharashtra state. 

Dhom Dam
After visiting Goshala we decided to visit Dhom Dam. Again don't rely on GPS and Google Maps for directions.  We asked a couple of locals and they guided us to take the correct road to Dhom Dam. 

The road to Dhom Dam is deserted,  there are no signboards on the road,  so you have to ask the locals if you are on the right road. Finally we reached the entrance of Dhom Dam. 
Banks of Krishna River

Entry is not allowed in the Dhom Dam premises.  Not that today is a off day.  But locals and tourists are not allowed here.  As it is a Govt. of Maharashtra undertaking.  So you can't get a very close look of it. 

The guard at the entrance instructed to drive a little bit further to get a better view of the Dam,  we took his advise seriously and drove along.  In a matter of minutes we were able to see Dhom Dam in a distance and the River Krishna flowing. 

Krishna River

Manohar stopped the car,  all of us hoped out of the car to get a better view of the Dam.  We took our selfie stick along to take some great selfies too. 

The skies were gloomy so we were sure that it would rain,  not sure when. 

The dam and its surroundings are indeed beautiful.  The hills in a distance was wonderful to see.  Not a soul of the banks of the river.  Though in a distance we saw a couple of women filling water.  Maybe water is a issue in these villages.  I felt sorry for them,  as they have to travel wrong distances to fetch water. 
Road to Dhom Dam

Seeing us a couple of men too walked to the banks of the river.  

This place is great for camping purposes.  Maybe we should comeback to camp here in the furture. 

Now it had started drizzling,  the drizzle turned to heavy rains.  we were all soaked up,  but that didn't dampen our spirits we enjoyed the rains in the Winters.  In a matter of minutes,  it grew cold.  

The time was already 1:30 PM on my watch,  we decided to headover to Wai to have our lunch and thereafter depart to Mumbai. 
Rainy Day

We had lunch at Bandhu Gore,  a family serving home cooked lunch at a cost of Rs. 120 per meal. This eating place is located very close to Dholya Ganpati Mandir and to Hotel Ganesha,  where we stayed for the night.  Unlimited servings,  the cost of the sweet dish is extra.   
Lunch at Bandhu Gore

We then headed off to the Mapro farm to buy squashes and chocolates and then to Mumbai. 

Overall this journey was fun,  had the rains not played up, we would have extended our stay by a day and would have been able to see more places around.  But we will be back to cover all that we couldn't in this trip.  So stay glued to more on Wai on my blog.  


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