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Ruins in Our Lady of Fatima Daman

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In the premises of the Moti Daman Fort lie the ruins of an Old Portuguese Church in the campus of the school of Our Lady of Fatima.
The ruins of the roofless church are so tall that they can be seen from the road in Moti Daman Fort. I had been trying to figure out a way of reaching these ruins.
A few locals advised me to enter via the school gate and I did the same. The school gate is usually closed while the school is on.
I asked the school peons about gaining access to the fort as I saw that the entrance to the ruins was locked. A steel door was in place. He told me that the door was open. No dates were mentioned on the walls so it was hard to figure out when the church had been built.

Ruins in Our Lady of Fatima School

The entrance to the Church had no doors. The metal door must have been put up years later.
The pillars were beautifully carved out of the stone wall and the design above the door was also very beautiful. The art work was amazing. A cross set in a circle was embedded within the walls.
As I opened the door, I heard a loud crank and the moment I entered, the door banged shut with a loud sound. Am I locked inside, was the first thought that came to my mind. But the door easily yielded when I tried to open it. Maybe the force of the wind against the metal door was what caused the loud sound.
Imagine yourself amid the ruins. What if the door were to suddenly close? Wouldn’t you be startled out of your wits? Believe me; the thought of getting caught in there gave me a rather creepy feeling.

A view in the ruins
The ruins have many arch shaped windows but none of them have window panes. It looks like the doors and the windows have been removed and kept away safely.
This place reminded me of the churches in Vasai Fort in Vasai near Mumbai.
I wish I could go back in time to view the beauty of this place around 450 years ago.
Can anyone design a time machine for me? I’ll be grateful to you for the rest of my life. :)


Shashank Gore said...

good to know that .. thanks .. :)


Thanks Shashank Gore

PRANNAV 555 said...

very informative..!!


Thanks Pranav Keluskar

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