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Jampore Beach

Monday, June 18, 2012

Six km from Moti Daman stands a white sand beach named Jampore.
I didn’t like the beach much, because the water was dirty, but I could still see people swimming in the water here. I guess people have got used to adjusting to situations.

Jampore Beach

A beach is a beach for them. They don’t bother to see if the water is clean or not. They just jump in and begin to enjoy themselves.
There were few people on this beach. I don’t know if this is the scene everyday or just today or maybe because I landed on the black sand shores in the afternoon. But I could locate more shacks on the beach than people. I found that the cost of cooked food is exorbitant here, compared to the cost of packed food items and beverages. I had a double egg omelet and it cost me Rs 40.

Paban the Camel

I saw a few camels on the beach, offering camel rides to people who wanted to avail of them. But since there were no takers, the camels were busy resting under the hot sun. The bodies of the camels had been decorated. The name of the camel was painted on its neck. 
A few horse carts stood around in the hot sun, waiting to take people for a ride.

More Shacks and Less People on the Beach
This is Jampore Beach. One can reach this place either by a private vehicle or by rickshaws. The rickshaws run unmetered but the fare is reasonable.


R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful beach. Nice shots.


Thanks R Niranjan Das

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