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Goa - Japanese Garden and Beach in Vasco

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

After visiting the small Mormugao Fort in the vicinity of the Mormugao Port Trust we headed onto the main road to have some refreshments. 
Japanese Garden signboard
As we were sipping on cold drinks, I inquired with the shopkeeper if there is anything around which she could suggest, we pay a visit too. To this she replied Japanese Garden poile" meaning have you seen Japanese Garden. To which I replied, "Na" She gave us instructions and we decided to walk it out. 
Fortification via which is the entrance to the temple and the beach
In the past also I have taken instructions from locals on my treks and been walking for hours and hours at a stretch when they say it is just twenty minutes away. 

I quickly inquired if I need to walk or board a bus to Japanese Garden to which, the lady declined and said that I will reach there i twenty minutes. Not again. But I still decided to go by her word.
Cross near the beach
In a matter of twenty minutes we were at the Japanese Garden. The Mormugao Port Trust looks after the maintenance of the garden.

Now this place is divided into two parts, the garden and then stairway to the secluded beach down below. 
Durgamata Shiv Mandir
We were on the stairway that led to the beach. As Goa had received its share of heavy rains, the entire area as full of creeper and wild vegetation. A zig zag stairway finally leads down the hill. Japanese Garden is situated on a hill.

We need to cross trough an old fortification to reach the beach. This fortification is not around the entire place, just a part of it. Maybe it was all around but had collapsed over the years. 
Coconut trees near the beach
The Durgamata Shiv Mandir (temple) is located very near to the beach. Now as we were approaching the beach the weather had started changing course. The Sun had disappeared behind 
the dark clouds and it had started blowing. No sign of the rain though.

There is a Cross erected near the Temple. No signboard as to why it was erected there. Historical significance is unknown. 
View of the beach
Just below the temple is the beach. "A secluded beach just for us" I said to Namrata. to which she readily agreed. It is a small strip of land or should I say beach with rocks all over it. As it was high tide the wild waves were lashing against the rocks and onto the shore. Each wave bought us more closer to the temple premises and to top it, it had started raining. That too heavily. We got some wonderful shots here. 

The weather was so nice that I felt like tying a hammock between two coconut trees and sipping some ice cold beer. Only if wishes were horses men would ride. But I will make sure that the next 
time I am on a each I will carry a hammock and a can of beer for sure to relive one of my many wishes.
View of the beach
"Castaway" is the word that came to our minds. Soon we could here sounds of men talking in a distance, as it was raining they were racing to reach the temple which offered shade. "It ain't Castaway, any longer" I said to Namrata, to which we both burst out laughing.
Stairs leading to the beach
We waited till the rain had stopped and then we headed out to visit the garden which is located on the edge of the hilltop.
Dark clouds in the sky
The garden offers a panoramic view of the hills, the sea at large in a distance. Plenty of ships sailing in the water.
Bus to Japanese Garden (Sada)
Finally we reached the bus stop again. Mini buses ply to this part of Vasco city. The Japanese Garden is located in Sada. So any bus plying to MPT colony, Sada and Vasco KTC and back needs to be boarded to reach here. Alternatively this place can also be reached by a private vehicle. For the beach below it needs to be trekked.


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