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Harihareshwar Beach near Shrivardhan Beach in Raigad district in Maharashtra

Friday, October 2, 2015

After have a good time on the shores of Shrivardhan, we decided to explore Harihareshwar beach the next morning.
Waves lashing on the rocks at Harihareshwar

The next morning we woke up as decided as we have to exit at 7:30 AM. We left no time, again traveled by the narrow and curvy roads to reach the Harihareshwar Beach.

Note, from the ST bus stand from Shrivardhan there are Hirkani Buses plying to Mumbai (Not sure where in Mumbai) and Borivali in Mumbai. Not sure about the timings of the buses. From the Shrivardhan market there are Tum Tum plying to Harihareshwar temple at a price of Rs.28 per seat. 
Panoramic view of Harihareshwar
It took us around 30 minutes to reach Harihareshwar Beach. Paid and parked the car outside the temple premises and headed straight to the beach. 
Harihareshwar Beach
The time was now 8 AM on my watch and the rays of the sun, had begun to hit us hard. But that didn't dampen our spirits on visiting the shore. Instead of walking on the black sand beach, we decided to walk from near the temple premises so that we could get a good view of the sea. Took some wonderful photos here. 
Diya Stand at Harihareshwar Beach
The two temples at Harihareshwar are a pilgrimage sites and visited by devotees throughout the year. There are many stalls located outside the temple premises selling articles of worship. The temples and the diya stands near the temple are very old. The diya stands are cylindrical and tall but not as tall like to one I saw in Vasai. Not sure as to when they were built. We didn't enter the temples but headed straight to the extreme end of the temples to get a good view of the sea.  
Temple at Harihareshwar Beach
The tide was high and the waves were lashing against the rocks near us. Neha told us that we could walk all around the hilllock and we decided to do just the same. As we started walking on the ankle length water, the waves lashed onto us and wet us in the process. We then decided to retreat. 
View from the barge across River Savitri
We then braked for breakfast in the form of a hot cup of tea and Vada's. Have to admit the vada looked like a regular looking vada but the taste was amazing. 
Fare Chart and Barge timings
We then headed off to see Harnai Beach and forts surrounding it. Now we had to cross the River Savitri to go to  the other side. 

Luckily we were at the Ferry at 9:15 AM to board the 9:30 Am ferry. I didn't discuss the ticketing cost. Vehicle cost is Rs.120 with driver free. Passengers will cost Rs.10 each. 
Direction from Shrivardhan to Harihareshwar


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