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Jaora, Bhora Mangra

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Next stop was a farming village i.e Bhora Mangra. To reach it we had to move off the state highway. The tar road was replaced by a muddy patch. It took us to the Dargah. The dargah is located near the farms and the small hills near it. 

The time was 5 PM on my watch and I was hoping to get a good view of the sunset from here.

This place is again beautiful like Sujapur. Greenery as far as my eye could see.  Again a few windmills up on the hills.

A farmer was ploughing his fields with his HMT tractor. The tractor was made in 1985. I told Mohsin that he and the tractor are of the same age.

The best part is that though the tractor is 28 years old, it is still in working condition. The farmer told me that his father used to plough with it and now he does and soon will his son.

There is just one house located near the Dargah; it was the house of the farmer. There are two trees with twisted barks. Mohsin told me that when the Deity was angered he vented it out on the trees and they are twisted.

I don’t mind staying here and living a simple life. Change my profession to farming. Eat fresh produce from the farm, drink cow milk and live a healthy life. No wonder the villagers are much healthier than us, living in the cities.

As we were about to leave it was almost dusk and I managed to get some beautiful sunset photos. 


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