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Breakfast at Ram Ashraya

Thursday, April 10, 2014

After getting some amazing clicks at Sewri Jetty of the flamingoes, we were famished and so we headed off to have some breakfast at a tradtional joint in Matunga named Ram Ashraya. This restaurant is located very close to Matunga Station on the Central Side.

Ram Ashraya in Matunga

As Manohar was aware of this place it didnt take us much time to reach. Thank God there was no traffic, we were there in ten minutes.

I had been to Matunga to eat South Indian Thali at Hotel   Ramanayak Udipi. The food is amazing and I loved it, though I had to wait in line for around 45 minutes to eat it. Cost wise also it is very effective.

Ram Ashraya, there are no frills about this place. It is a simple place but caters to the breakfast needs of many.

Medu Wada

We reached at 7:45 AM. Luckily we got a place to sit.
Manohar ordered Upma and I ordered Medu Wada with Sambar on it.

As per Manohar, this is the only place that prepares  Upma without oil. I am no fan of Upma so stayed away from it. The color of it looked very appealing.      

I had my share of Medu Wada. It was nice , the sambar was different in taste. I havent had anything like that but I was loving it.

We concluded our session with a cup of Filter Coffee. Manohar told the waiter that we wanted Filter Coffee and not Nescafe, If you dont make yourself clear then you will end up having Nescafe. I am not a big fan of coffee but decided to taste it, after all a South Indian Restaurant serve it. The coffee was strong but I loved it, and now I am a fan of it.

Filter Coffee
The crowd had started gathering and there were people in line waiting for us to vacate so that they get a place to sit to have their favourite snack.

Soon at around 8:15 AM we exited as we had to travel to Korigad in Lonavala. 


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