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Shiv Mandir at Ambernath

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prachin Shiv Mandir or Ambreshwar Shiv Temple, I located a a distance of 2 KM away from the Ambernath railway station (east) on the central railway line. History states that the Shilahara king Chhittaraja had constructed it in 1060 AD,  which was later rebuilt by Mummini (son of Chhittaraja) 
Shiv Mandir or Ambreshwar Shiv Temple at Ambernath

Mike and I had planned to do Shiv Mandir in Ambernath and Kondana Caves in Karjat today and Mumbra Devi Temple in Mumbra and Lonad Caves in Kalyan tomorrow. Remember him, he had accompanied me to Elephanta Caves. :)

As decided Mike and I met at Dadar railway station on the central railway line to board the 7:38 AM,  fast train to Badlapur to alight at Ambernath.  The train was late and we alighted at Ambernath at 8:44 AM.  There was a mad rush on the platforms here. So I understood that the trains were late and hence the crowd is ever increasing on the platforms.  

We exited the Ambernath railway station on the eastern side, followed the instructions provided on the roads to walk to the Shiva Temple. In around 20 minutes we were at the entrance of the temple.  
Shiv Mandir or Ambreshwar Shiv Temple at Ambernath

The stone carved temple looked amazing.  The detailing of the carvings was just too good. It might have taken them years to built this temple.  There are two entrances and a exit to the temple.  There are steps in the temple which lead you down,  where the main shivling is located.  Due to low light and large crowd,  got blurry photos here.  When taking photos in  temple premises be ready to be greeted with raised eyebrows. lol. 

One of the devotee informed me that during Mahashivratri,  the temple is over crowded with people.  There is also a fair which is held then.  It continues for 3 to 4 days.  
Sculpture on the walls

It was a Monday.  There was crowd within the temple premises.  

We then headed off to see,  Kondana Caves in Karjat. 


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