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Mumbradevi Temple in Mumbra

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mumbra Devi Temple is built on the Parsik Hills. The temple can be accessed via the National Highway 4 (NH4) or via the Mumbra Railway station located on the Central railway line. 
Mumbra Devi Temple atop Prasik Hills

We had visited the Shiva Temple at Ambernath and Kondana Caves in Karjat and had planned to visit Mumbra Devi Temple and Lonad Caves today. 

As decided we boarded the 7:32 AM fast train for Asangaon from Dadar railway station on the central line. We alighted at Mumbra railway station at 8:09 AM. The Mumbra Devi temple can be seen from the railway station. 
View from atop Mumbra Devi Temple
We had tea and asked for directions and then started our climb to the top.  As the temple is visited by devotees throughout the year,  steps have been made right till the top.  

I didn't count  no. of steps but it should be around 300 plus. Though there are steps the climb is difficult and will put pressure on your knee's and calves. The climb is very similar to Gilbert Hill. Though Mumbra Devi temple is on a higher altitude in comparison to Gilbert hill.  
Steps leading to the top
NH4 is located very close to the foothill.  

As we kept climbing up the stairs the sound of the trains and vehicles plying on NH4 started reducing. We could hear the chirping of the birds.  The sun was shinning softly on us.  It was a bit hazy outside,  we were hoping that it gets better as we reach the top. 

It took us 35 minutes to reach the top with plenty of intervals. There are plenty of people who come here for their morning walks. They were so fast in the ascend and descend. 
Strings (people wishes) tied to the tree
The view from up here is amazing.  It offers a beautiful view of the sunrise if you come early in the morning,  the creek surrounded by mangroves,  the central railway line and offcourse winding NH4. Apart from the residential buildings around. This place should be a watchtower as it offers a great view of the surrounding. 

As the devotees offered prayers I took photos up here. Photography of the temples is not allowed.  
Breakfast at Mumbra
It took us 15 minutes to descend the hill.  

Had breakfast in the form of omelette and scrambled eggs and Lassi for drinks.  


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