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Brahmanand Swami Samadhi

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Samadhi was not on our list of places to visit in Malvan.  But as we were sightseeing we asked a couple of locals and they told us about this place, which is a cave.

Brahmanand Swami Samadhi

As caves are a matter of interest for me, we headed off to see it.

The Samadhi is located around 5 km away from Malvan City in Ozar. It is located near to Rewandi Village which is on the way to Achara.   There is a board put up near the Samadhi so that you don’t miss it.  We took the services of a rickshaw to reach here. . This place looked deserted, now I am not quite sure why? 
Cave premises
The time was around 3 pm when we reached here.  There was no sign of any human or any vehicle there.  

Legend says that this cave leads to Sindhudurg fort by a underground roadway. We tried to explore but there was no sign on it.  Shri Brahmanand Swami mediated here and after his death his Samadhi was built here.
Temple in its premises
We sat in its premises and rested in the shade of the lush green trees. I felt so calm and relaxed here. I can now co relate with Shri Brahmanand as to why he selected this place to mediate. I so didn’t want to go exploring other places.

The premises consist of cave where he mediated, a Shiva temple, a reservoir and many trees which offer a good shade in the scorching heat.

To enjoy peace of mind, do visit this place.

Hithakshi and Me at Tarkarli Beach

So as all good trips come to an end, so did this one. Thanks Hithakshi for making this trip a memorable one. 


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