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Narsinh Mehta Lake in Junagadh in Gujarat

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Narsinh Mehta Lake was located very close to the city of Junagadh and it was around 25 minutes (walking distance) from where we were lodging.
Narsinh Mehta Lake in Junagadh in Gujarat

Directions to Narsinh Mehta Lake are tagged on google maps. We decided to sit near the lake enclosure and enjoy the view of the lake. As night started to seep in, the population of people increased and so did the hawkers around the lake premises. It was now a busy place.

We enjoyed the birds flying across the lake premises, we also saw the water ripple on the wind. Thanks to the continuous wind, it was quite pleasant. Felt relaxed after a busy day exploring Uparkot fort and Junagadh Zoo.

This is truly a good place to unwind after a hard day's work.

The time was 8 on my watch. It was dinner time, we didn't patronize the hawkers around the lake as we had a bigger mission to accomplish. we planned to eat a Veg. Thali (unlimited) at Patel Dining hall, around 10 minutes (walking) away.
Veg. Thali (unlimited) at Patel Dining hall in Junagadh in Gujarat
Everything except the sweet dish was unlimited. The cost of each thali was just Rs.100. Cost of additional sweet was extra. We ate and drank (Buttermilk) till we were full. Have to admit, though the food was veg it was finger licking good. See the photo of the veg thali we ate. Somehow  we managed to reach the hotel. I am sure we had over eaten. We decided to call it a night.

We were to visit the Junagadh Museum the next day. 

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