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Junagadh Museum in Junagadh in Gujarat

Friday, October 20, 2017

Junagadh Museum, is located in Junagadh. The Darbar Hall Museum, is now closed to public and all the artifacts have been shifted here.
Junagadh Museum in Junagadh in Gujarat

The Junagadh Museum is walking distance from the city and not tagged on google maps. But you can ask the locals and they will direct you to it.

There is a entrance fee to see the museum and photography by mobile is strictly prohibited. 

There are cameras placed all over the place, to top it the guards keep giving surprise visits to check if you are photographing or not.
The museum offers a beautiful collection of the swords, guns, daggers used by the kings. It also houses the household items used by them.

Instructions at Junagadh Museum in Junagadh in Gujarat
The collection of chandeliers and artistic furniture is also amazing.
As photography is not allowed, you will have to go see the place for yourself.

The photos of all the kings and queens are mounted on the walls of the palace. 

As we had already visited the Narsinh Mehta Lake yesterday, we decided to go visit the Narsinh Mehta Choro

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