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Lake Venna at Mahableshwar in Maharashtra

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Now you will be curious to know why we were headed to the Mahableshwar ST Bus Stand in the Bazaar area.  As it was cold, we decided to have bath at the restrooms behind the ST bus stand instead of renting a room, as we were to travel to Panchgani and from there to Wai. 

 The last time we had visited Mahableshwar,  Manohar had bath here and was urging me to do the same,  but I was too lazy and decided to stick with my jumper.  The bath was a blessing in disguise due to which he had stopped feeling cold. 

This trip the three of us decided to have bath here. This place ain't all luxury.  Basic bathrooms for both men and women travelers, which serve a bucket of cold water at a price of Rs.5 and hot water at a price of Rs. 20. What should I say,  I was feeling difficult to part with my jumper before my bath with hot water. Once done again I started feeling the cold, but this time the cold was short lived and I felt really good.  I should have taken the bath the last time I visited this place. 

Kick starting our journey with Wilson Point, in the cold, warm water bath at the ST bus stand we headed off for some South Indian breakfast at one of the local eateries in the bazaar area located just outside the ST Bus Stand.  

After having our full we decided to head to Panchgani.  As Lake Venna was on the way, we decided to do it.

Like always we relied on GPS and Google Maps for directions and again we took the wrong road and kept going in circles in the market area.  Finally we started asking locals around and relying to signboards to head to Lake Venna. 

A couple of wrong roads and finally we reached Lake Venna,  but we reached the otherside of the Lake,  not a soul was there.  But the view was just amazing.  

We were greeted with broken beer bottles, so I understood that this place is used for a beer party.

The view of the lake from here is amazing,  The light blue skies with white clouds forming wonderful patterns in it was just amazing.  The water was quiet and silent.  A couple of dry wooden branches stood in it. Among-st all the greenery around we located a beautiful temple here. 
This European styled House is beautifully perched on the hilltop with greenery all around

After taking a couple of selfies with my new travel companion we then headed off to see Parsi Point in Panchgani.   


Unknown said...

Beautiful photography especially the last picture. The house amidst the greenery, the blue clouds fantastic combination.


Thanks Priya

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