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Goa - Fort Aguada

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

After visiting Reis Magos Fort we headed off to Fort Aguada.

History of Fort Aguada
A little bit of history about this place via the photo.

It took us around 30 minutes to reach here. 
Moat to enter the Fort
Have to say that this Fort is again very well  maintained. Also it gathers a huge crowd. Both locals and foreigners. 
The fort calls and external walls

Old Light House in Fort premises
There is no fee to view this fort unlike Reis Magos, the timings are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. This fort is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. 
Old Light House and underground dungeons
The Fort is not tall in height also there is a moat to enter the fort. The fort is 3/4 on land and 1/4 exposed to the sea. The fort has an internal wall and external wall. in the rains water gets filled between the walls. It had historic significance, refer to photo for the history bit. 
View of the fort from the fort walls
Again this fort is made of chire. Prime stone used in the construction of houses and forts in Goa. Certain entrances or rooms in the fort premises are under lock and key. Maybe due to hideous activities which happened there. The fort has a light house and under ground dungeons which are closed to the public. There is no shade within the fort premises. There is a small house which is closed and no trees in it. 
One of the fort bastions
One thing I observed here is that there is no graffiti on it. Which is a good sign. The walls of the fort are very well maintained. Also the fort premises is very clean. So please don't dirty it by throwing wrappers and water bottles around. 
The fort is square in shape and can be done by walking on the broad walls of the fort. The fort offers a panaromic view of the sea on one end and the land on the other. One can also see the New Light House built very close to it. 
View from the fort
The new light house is functional and open to public but for  a small fee. The light house offers an amazing 360 degree view of the surrounding. Photography is strictly prohibited here.
Church in a distance
There is no food and refreshments available in the fort and new light house premises. Outside there are a lot of stalls that cater to food and water but they charge a premium fee.
Fort Aguada


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