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Mahim Fort at Kelve

Friday, January 16, 2015

After visiting Kelva Fort (Madhla Buruj)  we headed back to Sitla Devi Temple to have lemon juice, thereafter we boarded a tum tum to visit the Mahim Fort. Mahim fort is located very close to Mahim beach, which is located around 6 KM away from Sitla Devi Temple.
Lemon Juice
We inquired with the tum tum driver of possible historic structures around it. He was not convinced that we were going to Mahim Fort. As per him, there is nothing there to see plus the mahim chowpatty or beach is deserted. There is no tourism activity there.

But we had Mahim Fort on our minds and so we went ahead with our plan.

Boys outside the school
He alighted us at Mahim bazaar in around 15 minutes , he then gave us directions to visit Mahim Fort. The school and the village dispensary were clues to locate the fort.

We went as per the clues provided and in a matter of 15 minutes we were at the fort.

Mahim Fort at Kelve
There is a old temple and a small garden near the fort. The village dispensary is located exactly opposite the  main entrance of the fort. It was afternoon and hence the garden was deserted.

But there were small children in the dispensary, so some commotion there.

Entrance to Mahim Fort at Kelve
From the look of it, this fort was square in shape and had a small entrance to enter it. The walls of the fort are not very tall. Also the walls of the fort looked plastered. Maybe this fort was built much later.

On the inside is located a staircase which leads to the upper bastion of the fort and also the walls of the fort. The staircase has got a very close resemblance to the staircase in the ship Titanic in the movie Titanic.
The fort has got a couple of rooms in it, some built in the walls of the fort, others for which the foundation and walls stand tall and a well which still has dirt accumulated in it.

 A steep staircase leads to the top. The bastion and the walls offers a wonderful view of the sea and the land around. This fort is small is size and can be done in 30 minutes time.

Mahim fort premises
Not sure as to who had built this fort, but as per the tum tum driver it has switched hands from Portuguese to the Marathas and finally the British.

We then returned to Mahim Bazaar hoping to get a tum tum ride back to Sitla Devi Temple. but all the tum tum were house full. We waited and waited, still no luck. The roads of this place reminded us of Goa. Coconut and mango trees all around and a few houses amidst them.  The time was now 11:15 AM on my watch. We then decided to walk it out.

Well in the fort premises
Finally we decided to hitch-hike. Mike asked if he needs to show off his legs to get a ride. lol.

Finally our prayers were answered and we managed to get a ride from one of the locals here. Triple seat on a Honda Activa all the way to the Sitla Devi Temple. He rode as if he was driving a super bike on a circuit track and in less than 15 minutes we were at the Temple. Thank God, else we had to walk all the way back.
Bastion in Mahim Fort at Kelve
Again had a lemon juice here and inquired with the locals regarding tum tum to take us to Danda Fort and Bhawangad Fort. The locals informed that there are not many share rides here and that we had to book a tum tum to take us there. Sadly no one at the Temple was prepared to take us there.
View of Mahim Fort from the fort walls
We started on our walking trip to Danda fort and Bhawangad Fort.

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Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

I had no idea that there was a fort at Mahim. Thanks for the tour.

Deepali Joshi said...

Good info

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