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Bandra - Birtish Soldiers Pond and Bandra Banstand

Saturday, January 10, 2015

After finishing our Bandra Graffiti photoshoot, Mike and I decided to head over to Bandra Bandstand to watch the sun go down.
The different names of Bandra over the years

In a couple of minutes we were at Bandra Bandstand.
British Soldiers Pond
We noticed this signboard pointing towards the rocks, the rocks were currently inhabited by couples. These rocks were once the British Soldiers Swimming Pond. No history about the same is available on google.
As the tide was low, the rocks were clearly visible and hence occupied by couples.
Mike and Me
Bandra Bandstand gathers huge crowds in the evening, some to enjoy the breeze by the sea, some for their evening walks and for people like us it was sheer photography. 


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