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Goa - Rachol Fort on the outskirts of Madgaon City in Raia

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We tried doing a search for this place on Google Maps, but we not able to locate it.

But had just a photo of this place, this was our clue, we headed out to see this place. With a lot of help from the locals finally we reached this Entrance.

Just the entrance remains, the entire fortification is broken down. The entrance is very close to the Rachol Seminary..

The Fort Entrance is on the left side of the Zuari River and can be accessed from Margao. It is approximately 8 km away from Margao. It is located on the Margao-Chandor- Curchorem Road.

History states that  the Muslim Bahmani rulers built this fortress. This fort has been conquered by many rulers and finally came under Portuguese control in 1520.  As the Portuguese control expanded across Goa, the importance of this fort reduced and finally it was abandoned. 

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payal agarwal said...

Never heard of this fort in 13 years..will make it a point to visit it soon..glad I came across your post in the UBC fb group.


Hey Payal, thanks for reading. There are many across Goa worth a visit. This post marks the start of my historical journey in Goa.

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