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Bhandup Pumping Station near Nahur Railway Station on the Eastern Express Highway

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Amazing macro photos of lifeforms taken by my Facebook friends at Bhandup Pumping Station was more than enough to motivate me to travel to Bhandup Pumping Station.

Michael who had accompanied me to Tungareshwar joined me in my exploration.
Bhandup Pumping Station premises
Google provides very little information about Bhandup Pumping Station.
Herons in the Water
We decided to leave early in the morning, as the light of the early morning sun was best for shooting and it wouldn't be that hot at that time of the day.

We met at Ghatkopar Railway Station on the Central Line at 7:15 AM. We then boarded a train to Bhandup. In a matter of 10 minutes we were at Bhandup. 

Google Maps shows a rough map about this place. We decided to board a rickshaw from Bhandup West to the Pumping Station. The rickshaw driver readily agreed. 
We then crossed Nahur Railway Station to reach the intersection of Eastern Express Highway and Airoli road. The rickshaw driver told us that it would have been cheaper and less time consuming if we had alighted at Nahur Railway Station. But as we were not aware of it. We alighted at the junction. It cost us Rs. 67 from Bhandup Station till here. 
Salt Pans
We asked a couple of locals about the whereabouts of Bhandup Pumping Station and they were guiding us to Nahur Railway Station as it was close by.
Rock Salt Pyramids
Finally we met a college student and he told us that there are two ways of enterng the Pumping station. One of the ways is on the Airoli Road and the other in on the Eastern Express  Highway on the way to Bhandup. 

On the Eastern Express Highway we need to take the first left. The first thing you see is the Bhandup Waste Water Treatment Facility on the right and salt pans on the left. If you see this then be sure you are on the right path.
Heron's in the salt pans

A tiny tarred roads leads away from civilization. With wild grass growing on either side of the road. As you go furthur on this roads the sound of the vechicles racing on the highway reduces. Finally we can hear only the sounds of the chirping of the birds and the sounds of the insects hiding in the grass.   
We located a couple of insects, butterfiles, dragonflies and massive locust here. Snaps attached. 

The left side offers a beautiful view of the salt pans, with Herons searching for food in the waters of the salt pans. 
We saw rock salt pilled up as a hill, about a storey tall, covered with dry grass. 
Please note that this land is Forest Land owned by the Govt. and the Police keep patrolling. Also please carry food and water and there are no shops here. In going in Summer do wear a cap and sunglassses as the heat can darken your skin. As it did to mine. 

Please do carry a good camera as it was a wonderful place for macro photography. We need to keep our eyes open else we will miss these lifeforms.

We captured wonderful snaps of chameleons, ants and lifeforms which we don't even now about. We snapped  a couple of Kingfishers too. 
The road then narrows down to a muddy path. There are couple of other paths too in this wilderness. Not sure where they lead too as there are no signboards on the way. 
Not sure what insect this is

We had issues with mobile network also over here. Mike was trying to get the GPS co-ordinates but sadly we couldn't get any. 
There are large water bodies or creeks in the premises too. We met a local fisherman here. 
Mike and Me

He told us his sad story. As per him this land has been sold by the Govt to a Hotel company. There broke down his house, cut the electricity supply and also took away his boat. Now he has to get in the waters to cast his fishing net.
Kingfisher birds
As per him the waters and abundant supply of fish. 
Two's Co.
We haven't explored this place in entirety.  A day is not enough to explore this place. A the tiny roads led to more tiny roads. 
Two's Co.
Rains is the best season to come here as lifeforms are available in plenty here. 
As we bid adeos to Bhandup Pumping Station. Come rains and we will be back.


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