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Mysore Palace

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Mysore Palace is located in the city of Mysore and is the official residence of the Wodeyars, the royal family of Mysore.

Everything about the Palace is beautiful and worth seeing. I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life here, Hehe.

The Palace is visited both by national and international tourists. There is an entry fee of Rs 100 to enter the Palace. No shoes and cameras are allowed in the Palace premises. Signboards warn you that if you are caught with a camera you will have to face the consequences. 

Mysore Palace
 The Palace has four entrances. The Main entrance towards the east is called "Jaya Maarthaanda." The entrance which is towards the north is "Jayarama," "Balarama" is to the south, and "Varaha" is to the west.

The premises are home to 12 temples built in various centuries with the oldest built in the 14th century and the latest in 1953.

Bronze Leopard in the premises

The Palace which currently stands is a different structure from the one built in the 14th century. The palace building of today, constructed in 1912, is the third version of the palace.

There are many attractions in the premises. The Audience Chamber was where the King would meet with his ministers. Ordinary subjects could pay tribute to the King and plead with him in the Public Durbar.

The Palace boasts of the armour used by the Royal family. There are many bronze statues of leopards in the premises. They look quite fierce, as if they are about to pounce on you. 

Mysore Palace

The locals told us that on national holidays and Sundays the entire palace is lit up. That would be an amazing sight, I am sure. Too bad we had dropped in on a weekday. I can only imagine what the Palace would look like when fully lit up.

Gates to the Palace

I recommend that you visit the Palace if you are ever in Mysore. It's a good thing that photography is not allowed here. This is one of those instances where only seeing is believing


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