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Brindavan Gardens

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Brindavan Gardens are located near the Krishnarajasagara dam which was built across the river Kaveri in Mysore.

State Transport buses and private buses ply regularly from Mysore to these gardens. One can also visit this place by a private vehicle. There is complete chaos on the ground where the vehicles are parked and one can easily get lost in this place. The parking lot is so big that it can accommodate around 100 big buses so when you plan to visit this place do  remember to keep the bus number or the driver’s contact number as it will be very useful in locating the bus.

Water Fountain in the Garden

The gardens were completed in 1932 after 5 years of work. They are visited by approximately 2 million tourists yearly and the number just keeps rising every year.

The gardens are open to the public throughout the day. The musical show, however, is held only in the evening. Large numbers of people come to see the evening musical show.

Water Fountain in the Garden

The garden is around 60 acres wide and has some of the most exotic trees on the face of the earth. Kudos to the people who have helped to maintain this garden to date.

In the evening, musical shows are held. There are many water fountains here with multi-colored lights popping out of the fountains. Everyone around was busy in shooting pictures, but then everything around was certainly worth photographing.

Water Fountain in the Garden
 The musical gardens are located at the end of the garden and are a major crowd-puller among all the fountains here. You need to sit all around the circular fountain to see it. It is a 15-minute show in which Hindi and Kannada songs are played with musical lights and the fountain water is programmed to dance to the beat of the music. Have you ever seen something like this? Not me.

Water Fountain in the Garden
I was totally impressed by these gardens and heartily recommend them to anyone visiting Mysore.


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