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Aurangzeb's tomb in Khuldabad

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our auto rickshaw driver then took us around the narrow lanes of Khuldabad. He suddenly stopped. “That is the Tomb of Auranzeb” he said as he pointed out to the white washed historic structure ahead.
Entrance to the grave of Mughal Emperor Auranzeb
 “This is the place where the Great Mughal Emperor was buried” I said to myself. Eagerly I headed off to see his grave.

The structure looked like a mosque with a tall minaret next to it. This structure was white washed and it shone in the hot afternoon.

Outside the structure were many shops selling articles of worship to be offered inside.

I walked out of the rickshaw and entered the Tomb premises.
Structures sin the Grave Premises
The tomb premises looked beautiful. It was painted white with shades of yellow painted on arches. In the premises is the Alamgir Dargah. Again the Dargah was beautifully made.

A few elderly gentlemen were praying there on the mats.

In the premises lay many a grave. No mention of whose graves were they.

I was ushered to the grave of Aurangzeb by an elderly gentleman. Though Aurangzeb was a rich King his tomb was extremely simple. There was neither d├ęcor nor any marble work done on his tomb. Why for a King so rich a tomb so simple? Was the question that was running in my head.
Graves all around
The caretaker pointed to a marble slate and read out the various names of Aurangzeb. The names were written in Urdu. He also told us that as per Aurangzeb’s will he didn’t want marble to cover his grave. So the entire place is covered with white sheets except the place where he was buried. A few plants, I guess it’s Tulsi is growing on his Grave.

The caretaker told us that Aurangzeb used to stitch caps, and copy verses from Quran and sell them. He told us that he led a very simple life. He told us that Aurangzeb died in Ahmednagar which is located 30 km away from Aurangabad but was buried here in the Dargah of his Guru, saint Sayyid Zain-ud-Din.

Grave of Auranzeb
Aurangazeb’s son is also buried here.

After paying my respects to this Great Mughal Emperor I headed off to see Daulatabad Fort.


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