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Ghosalgad Fort located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra

Friday, December 8, 2017

After visiting Birwadi Fort, we traveled for another 32 KM to reach the Ghosala Village, the base village for the Ghosalgad Fort.

Scenic View from Ghosalgad Fort located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra
Directions to the fort are tagged on google maps.
There is no information, as to who built this fort, the villagers were not aware of it either, all they knew was that Shivaji Maharaj had ruled over this fort.

Entrance to Ghosala Village, Fort on hilltop located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra
The time was now PM on my watch. we parked the car at the entrance of Ghosala Village and then asked the locals about the whereabouts of the fort, they pointed to the hill behind the village, saying that is Ghosalgad fort. They informed us that the trek route starts from the temple located a couple of feet up.

Water tanks near the Temple at Ghosalgad Village
We reached the temple, there is a small trek route between the temple and the water tanks, if you travel by this route and check the trees for arrow marks then you will reach the top.

Temple at the foot of the hill fort Ghosalgad
As it was the end of the rainy season, we were not able to see the route and hence we started climbing via a small path, which is not the route to the top. We stumbled upon loose soil, thick vegetation on the way. Finally in about 30 minutes we were at the top.

Note, there is no Main Entrance to visit the fort, one reached the fort premises by crossing the broken fortification, the steps near the fortification are quite tall, but due to the thick vegetation growing around it, we were hardly able to see it.

Fortification of Ghosalgad Fort located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra
Now, how do we go about was the next question, we saw a small cave here and also the Chor Darwaza. Once you enter the Chor Darwaza a steep descend takes you down the hill. Is this all that the fort had to offer. NO. As I saw a lot of fortification, on the blogs I had read, Dominic tried to check for trails to lead somewhere on the fort premises, but sadly we were out of luck, due to the thick vegetation, that made travel even more difficult.

Cave in the fort walls at Ghosalgad Fort located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra
After spending a couple of minutes there, we finally decided to head back as it was 6PM on my watch and that we had to be down before sunset.

Chor Darwaza in the walls of Ghosalgad Fort located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra
On our return we two villagers near the temple, they informed us that the way up the fort is via the second wall, on which a banyan tree is growing. we did  see a banyan tree there, but were not aware that we had to climb it to walk on the fort walls to reach the top.
They informed us that there is nothing much to see up there apart from water tanks, a cannon and some fortification. They informed us that the entire fort premises can be seen in 30 minutes time. They also informed us that a steep climb, takes one to the top most point of the hill, the view from there is amazing.

Banyan Tree growing on the fort walls of Ghosalgad Fort located near Roha in Raigad District in Maharashtra
We then walked down to the base village, there is provision for food and water here. No hotels for accommodation though. We saw tum tum plying people but there was no sign of a ST bus.

The village premises were decorated for celebrating Navratri in the night.
Navratri being celebrated in Ghosala Village
We then decided to travel to Tala Village, the base for Tala Fort. 

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