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Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh in India

Monday, April 24, 2017

Burhanpur is a small city in Madhya Pradesh. It is around 500 KM away from Mumbai city in Maharashtra. It is located very close to the Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh border.

Burhanpur was ruled by various dynasties in the course of time. Rashtrakuta Dynasty, The Faruqi Dynasty, The Moghuls and finally the Marathas. 

There are a lot of historical sites in and around Burhanpur which are a must of history lovers. 

The important places are
Asirgarh fort, Shahi Qila, Kundi Bhandara, Dargah-e-Hakimi.

Burhanpur is known for its textile industry. As we travelled in the interiors of the city, we could hear the sound of the machines. Most houses have power looms within their premises. Small scale industries.

Fathima told me that entry and exit from Burhanpur town is via a Darwaza. Meaning the entire town is built in fort like premises with walls surrounding it. Interesting . Something similar to
Vasai fort near Mumbai. 

Burhanpur has got both retail and wholesale shops, selling clothes, grains and other articles. 

There are many places to stay and eat here. We stayed at Hotel Madhuvan (lodging only). The food in Burhanpur is extremely cheap and good. We tried at Rehmaniya Restaurant and Sattar Mutton Hotel. They serve both Veg and Non Veg (Chicken and Mutton). What about beef? I asked.

The hotels won't serve you beef but the roadside small sizes eateries will serve you beef samosa and beef cutlet. Yummy and very economical cost wise. No side effects on the next day either. 

The beef will surely make my trip complete. Jaora is another city in Madhya Pradesh where I went crazy eating beef. 

As we had come from Mumbai, we had a tough time getting signals on our Vodafone SIM cards in and around Burhanpur. 

We had a few more places on our itinerary for the next day.


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