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Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary in Dadra and Nagar Haveli (India)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary is located in Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Union Territory). It is located very near to Silvassa and Khanvel. One has to travel on the Khanvel road to reach it. 
That's us at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary

Indragad was around 35 KM away from here. It took us a little more than an hour's time to reach thanks to the narrow roads. 

Directions to the Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary are tagged in google maps, so follow the instructions.

Entrance to Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
There was a crowd gathered outside the Sanctuary premises. We got ourselves tickets. It costs us Rs. 100 for four. Outside vehicles are not allowed in the Sanctuary premises. 

This is my first trip to a wild life sanctuary. I have been to zoo and national parks before. So I was very excited. 

Sambar at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
We waited our turn and finally traveled by the bus to reach the spot where the Deer were. 

This is the closest I have been to the Sambar Deer and Chital or Cheetal aka Spotted Deer with no barring or fencing between us. The experience was just thrilling as I was not sure how the animal would react with us humans all around them.  

Sadly the animals kept walking in the woods thanks to some idiotic animals who got dangerously close to them to shoot selfies. No prizes for guessing who these animals were?
Sambar at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
There are more of sambar here, in comparison to the spotted deer. To this Raj added, again thanks to the humans, the animals are not getting any privacy, hence they can't mate. Lol.

After spending an hour here. We decided to head  back to Dadra and Nagar Haveli to have some lunch. I hope Raj and Martina had some good time clicking some amazing snaps of spotted deer and sambar. 
More Sambar at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
We stopped at a local bar to have late lunch and drinks. As Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a Union territory, liquor is cheap here. The quality of liquor is better than the one served in Daman. 
Spotted Deer at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
Four near bottles of 650ml costed us just Rs. 310. You read it right. We payed a bomb, around Rs. 800 bucks for starters and chinese food. Now that is a expensive deal. 
Lone Sambar at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
Now it was a long way back to Mumbai. 130 KM to be more precise. That would take us roughly around 3 hours to reach taking into consideration the traffic. 

The journey was smooth wall the way. The moment we were nearing Hotel Fountain the traffic jam started. It was a mad traffic jam. It ate around 30 minutes of our time. 

The woods at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary

Finally at 9 PM, Raj dropped me at Borivali, from there I boarded a train to Andheri.

Spotted Deer at Satmaliya Deer Sanctuary
Long distance travel on the bike is painful. My back and legs were in pretty bad shape. An experience similar to the one I had while travelling to Indurigad near Pune. But then I was happy that I got to explore new places. They bought a smile on my place.
Now you too can read it and go a exploring places over the weekend.


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