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Unhavare Hot Water Springs near Panhalekaji Caves near Dapoli in Maharashtra (India)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Unhavare Hot Water Springs near to Unhavare Village which is around 33 KM away from Khed ST bus stand in Khed. There are not on NH17 aka NH66, but one has to travel on the Vakavli Karanjali Road from Khed to access these caves. At the village Fanasu. The right takes us to Panhalekaji Caves and the left to Unhavare Hot Water Springs.
Unhavare Hot Water Springs

After visiting the Panhalekaji Caves we headed over to see the Unhavare Hot Water Springs. The narrow bumpy roads took a lot of our time. Again these roads will test your car/bike suspension. The directions to the springs are available on google maps.  The roads are deserted. 

Finally at around 7PM we were at Unhavare Village, the hot water springs are located very near to the village. There is provision for refreshments available here. But again the shops close at sundown. 

I managed to take some snaps in the low light at the spring premises. There was a group of boys who were in the water. 
Unhavare Hot Water Springs

We dipped our feet in the water. The temperature of the water was the hottest amongst all the hot water springs we covered on our itinerary as of today. Even at this time the temperature was roughly around 40 - 50 degrees. 

We chatted with the boys who were bathing in the spring premises. Two of them had come from Mumbai, for a marriage in their family. 

They informed us that there are two pools, this one is for the men, and the one enclosed is for the women and children. The spring premises is not lit at night. But we could still see around thanks to the moonlight. 

We then headed over to the shop to have some Falooda, which was very refreshing after hot water dip.  
Unhavare Hot Water Springs

The time was now 7:30 PM on my watch. We had to head back to Khed, as there is no lodging facility available here. 

Not sure if ST buses ply from Khed bus stand or Dapoli to reach this village, as it is totally isolated. But we did see a rickshaw or two on the way. Meaning shared rickshaw are available. 

We had to follow the same track back, to reach Khed, there is no street light so one has to rely on the car headlight. With continuous dropouts in the phone signal, there were times when we were lost on the dark roads, nevertheless we still managed to ask locals and head back to Khed. 

That night we stayed in Khed itself. Next morning we had Malvan on our itinerary.


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