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Kolamb Beach in Malvan

Friday, February 21, 2014

It’s an amazing feeling, to walk barefoot on the clean white sands of the beach. The water lashing against the shore, the strong winds blowing, I could feel it in my short crop haircut. The sound of the waters mixed with the wind though loud was very pleasing to my ears.

This is Kolamb Beach a beautiful beach very near to the hustle and bustle of Malvan City on the way to Devgad

As we rented rooms in Hotel Samudra, which is located on the shores of Kolamb Beach at a cost of Rs. 600 per room. Have to stay that these are the best rooms I have stayed in ever since I have been travelling. The rooms and the glamour rooms are clean and well kept.

Hotel Samudra located on the shores of Kolamb Beach

There is no mineral water available here so have to make do with the local well water or you need to fetch water from the city. The hotel provides homemade food for a price. The food is good to it.
There are no power trips here, which is good.

The room rates are negotiable but depend on the season. This place is more or less like a homestay, but we enjoyed it a lot.

As our room was sea facing, when we opened the glass window we could clearly hear the sound of the waves mixed with the wind gushing to the shores.

I enjoyed myself chilling on the hammocks placed outside the hotel. This was the first time I ever sat on the hammock and I enjoyed it, though initially I had a tough time getting myself onto one.

The beach has clean white sand and grayish water and no garbage or thrash but seaweeds that made its way ashore. A few fishing boats were parked on the shores a few metres away from the hotel where we were. A few metres ahead there was a rocky cliff.

Evening at Kolamb Beach

Having the beach entirely to yourself, the feeling that you got, we had the same feeling in us as it was just the two of us on the lovely beach.

In the evening a few locals gave us company, the sum of us all totaled to 8. 8 that’s it.
I usually prefer staying in the city area as it is well connected in terms of lodging, food and travel in comparison to and isolated place like this.

But for the moment I enjoyed my stay here thoroughly, being disconnected with the city.

God alone knows whether I will get an accommodation like this ever, but I have my fingers crossed.


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