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Kala Qila

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I headed back to Sion station and turned towards the west. I found the fort to be in a pitiable condition. with rotting garbage piled up around it. History is being used as a dumping ground.
Today all that remains is a single wall submerged in debris with garbage all around. Shankar, the man who took me to this place, told me that this was all that was left. In another 10 years, this won't even be there.
Remains of Kal Qila is now a dumping yard
Kala Qila is the name of this place. This fort is known by many names, Riwa Fort, Kala Qila or the Black fort. It was built on the banks of the Mithi River. When I set eyes upon it, there was no river around it; only a garbage dump. This, my dear readers, is our past glory.
 This fort was also built by Gerald Aungier. I have no idea how long ago it was built. But I do know this: It will not be standing long. The coming generations will not be able to see it. Sad and angry at the state of the fort, I headed off to see Sewree Fort.


G.F. said...

That is a specialty of Mumbai tourism.

Unknown said...

This is not known as Rewa Fort. Rewa Fort is near the Sion Ayurvedic College and there is just a rock like bastion standing there. Unfortunately, access is restricted. This is the Kala Killa which was constructed in 1737. There is a plaque in the side which commemorates the construction of the fort. The river existed where the present day Dharavi Depot exists today and it is only possible to imagine this place with the sea around.


Thanks Akshay for your inputs, I had just internet based knowledge when i went to view these forts, i hope you join me in my furture explorations

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