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Tarapur Fort

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tarapur Fort is located in Boisar, one railway station away from Palghar on the Virar Dahanu shutle. As the frequency of the trains halting at Palghar and Boisar is unreliable, we had to board an ST (State Transport) bus to Boisar from Palghar. It took us around 30 minutes to reach Boisar.
Doorway to Tarapur Fort
From Boisar, we boarded a tum tum to take us to Tarapur fort. It took us around 30 minutes to reach Tarapur Fort.

Tarapur fort located in Tarapur, a small fishing village. The fort is very small and there is not much to see around. A number of coconut and chickoo trees sum up the vegetation on the fort. There is a temple in the fort.

View inside the fort
There are a few banyan trees which have grown next to the outer walls of the fort. Their branches have spread across the walls.

The fort can be best viewed by walking on the walls of the fort. Unfortunately, the unruly and excessive growth of the vegetation makes it very difficult to see the fort.

There is a small inscription on the walls of the fort on the outside in Portuguese. Viceroy Matias de Albuquerque, who ordered the fort to be built in 1593, had this put up. There
is a small watch tower in the fort from where the entire scene can be viewed.

This fort was intially built by the Portuguese but was later conquered by the Marathas and remained in their control. The fort is now a private property but the walls are still owned by the government.

We could not see much on account of the excessive vegetation, but it was still nice to re-visit history.


Anonymous said...

When and where is the next trip - Sunil

Anonymous said...

I think i've been to this place...last year with chieefff Dias..
good wrk Merwyn!


Hey, thanks, maybe you can join me on my furture trips

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics....Interesting!

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