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Upcoming Trips

Here is a list of places, I will be visiting in the coming weekends. If you wish to join me on these trips do email me on or  call me on 9969479441. 

  • Car roadtrip to Ratnagiri and Malvan sea forts

  • RoadTrip to Lonar Crater, Balarpur Fort and Akila Fort in Akola, Narnala Fort, Achalpur Fort and Gawilgarh Fort in Amravati

  • Railtrip to Gulara Mahal, Ahukhana and Jamaq Masjid Gosiwala Zainabad in Burhanpur

  • Roadtrip to Pitalkhora Caves, Antur Fort and Ghatotkacha Buddhist Caves in Aurangabad

  • Roadtrip to Malegaon Fort, Laling Fort, Galna Fort, Dermal Fort and Pisol Fort in Malegaon 

  • Ahmedabad Railtrip in Gujarat

  • Goa Railtrip

  • Kuda Caves and Tala Fort in Mahad

  • Shelatwadi Caves and Ghorawadi Caves near Dehu Road in Pune

  • Akkalkot Palace and Old Akkalkot Palace in Solapur

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