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Najubibi's Makbara and Bara Saiyad (Barashahid) in Junagadh in Gujarat

Friday, November 3, 2017

Najubibi Makbara and Bara Saiyad are also located in Junagadh
Najubibi's  Makbara in Junagadh in Gujarat

 Not much information about this place is available on google maps. 

We got to know about this structure when we visited the Science Museum, it had a map of historical monuments in Junagadh.
Information on Najubibi's  Makbara and Bara Saiyad (Barashahid) in Junagadh in Gujarat
I am not sure if these places are tagged on google maps. let me check. No it is not. But don't worry. I got the phone no. of Dr. M.A. Shaikh 9429488096. He is the caretaker of the Makbara of Najubibi. He lives near the monument premises. He will give you a lot of information on this site.  
Read this signboard for a little information on both these structures.
What should I say, I kept asking myself, If this is a tomb? The artwork on the Najubibi's was just impressive. Again it makes me ponder, if the Tomb is so beautiful, what would have the palace looked like.
Monument in the premises of Najubibi's  Makbara and Bara Saiyad (Barashahid) in Junagadh in Gujarat
It was a square shaped structure, with five beautifully carved arches on either side. On the top, it had a dome in the middle with four small domes surrounding it. 
Bara Saiyad (Barashahid) in Junagadh in Gujarat
This Makbara was as beautiful as the Mahabat and Bahauddin Makbara near Sardar Patel Darwaza in Junagadh.
Unknown tombs outside the premises of Bara Saiyad (Barashahid) in Junagadh in Gujarat
We then visited, Barasaiyed aka Barashahid located in the same premises. The tombs of the twelve nobles are placed in the structure painted in white. Outside are many other unnamed tombs.

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