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Kebabs on the streets of Mumbai

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

After being cooled by the Apple and Watermelon Sharbat we headed furthur to have some kebabs.

The aroma of the kebabs made us make a pitstop at his place. A guy standing at the edge of the road with a table, which had a huge tawa (pan) with kebabs on it and another chatty with chopped onion, pudina and lemon.


We ordered ourselves a plate of kebabs. The kebabs come in two variety, the normal ones, not sure what they are called and the Shammi Kabab. 

Both the kebabs were deeply fried in oil. The normal ones were dark brown and were nice and crisp while the shammi kebab was mushy and soaked in oil. Taste wise both were awesome. The chopped and sliced onion mixed with pudina with a dash of lemon was good to eat too.  We enjoyed our oily kebabs and then headed off to have some refreshing colddrink to gulp down the oils.


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