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Panther's Cave in Matheran

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Most of us, even those that haven’t been to Matheran, know that Matheran is home to a number of points that offer some amazing views. Few people have heard of there being any caves in Matheran.
If you ask the locals about Panther’s Cave, they will not know about it, but if you ask them about "Waghachi Gufa," which is Marathi for the same, they will guide you to this place.
Panther's Cave
I like to get lost in a place. I believe that it is only when you allow yourself to get lost, when you allow yourself to escape the trappings of maps and GPS and other man-made things that you find just what you are looking for. That is what happened in this case.
This cave is located on the other side of Olympia race course. Behind the podium is a water tank. A path from this water tank leads you to the cave.
Gold Croft is a landmark here. The cave is located very close to the Gold Croft bungalow.
Panther's Cave from the inside, now a Temple
At first glance, Panther’s Cave didn't even look like a cave. There were huge rocks everywhere. Rocks, rocks and more rocks.
Ravi had told us that an old lady who lives in the vicinity always sits there as a self-appointed guardian to the caves. We met her and she told us to keep our footwear outside as there was a temple inside the cave. She also informed us that the cave had got the name, Waghachi gufa, because a tiger used to live there at one time. She added that the cave had been naturally formed; it was not the work of human hands.
We took off our shoes and inspected the caves from the inside. We clicked a few pictures inside and then left.


HR said...

Nice to know here about Panther’s Cave alias "Waghachi Gufa" in Goa, Good work.

Anonymous said...

Will surely visit very soon... can u plz tell me is it walkable distance or shld we hire horse to reach there


We had walked it out. But I think you should take the horse ride. But do tell the guide that you want to see it. As it is not a tourist attraction.

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