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Artist Point in Matheran

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

As we had another eleven points to cover, we decided to use the services of horses to take us there.

Neha got into a conversation with the horsemen, and finally struck the deal: eleven points to be covered at Rs 900 for two.

After the price was negotiated, we headed off to see the points. It was already 4pm and we had three hours in hand before darkness set in.

Our first halt was Artist Point. There was no signpost to indicate the location. Had we opted to walk here, we would not have been able to find it.

According to our guide-cum-horseman, the point used to be a source of inspiration for painters, hence the name Artist Point. There was a small podium here, offering a view of the lush jungle below. It was certainly a
sight that might inspire a painter to paint. Didnt find anything interesting to click, hence no fotos :(

We then headed off to see Pay Master Park. I wondered what was the story behind that name.


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