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Science Museum in Junagadh in Gujarat

Saturday, October 28, 2017

After visiting the Ashoka Edicts we headed over to see the Science Museum in Junagadh. Directions to the same are tagged on google maps.

Science Museum in Junagadh in Gujarat

Please note, there are no buses plying to this place, so one has to travel by shared rickshaw or chartered rickshaw to reach this place.
There is provision for drinking water and toilets here, but no food.
Initially when we reached this place, we thought that we would explore the museum in 30 minutes, but we ended up spending 2 hours here. Want to know how, read on.

We were informed that the Planetarium was closed at the moment and that there are timings to visit the same.

We took the ticket for the science museum at a cost of Rs.20 each and started our tour.

The museum hosts around 50+ exhibits based sound, electricity, light, magnets and electronics. Fathima and I had a great time at each of these exhibits. I guess it brought out the child in each one of us like it did at the  Sakkarbaug Zoological Park, Junagadh. the exhibits are so fascinating that we refused to budge from them, we took our turns at each of them to help understand the different aspects of science that were involved here. Luckily there was hardly anyone there on that afternoon and we had the museum to ourselves.

Thus the 30 minutes we planned to spend turned out to be 2 hours, but we had a great time here.

For more information on the museum please refer to

I haven't taken any photos here, because I want you to go to this place and experience it for yourself.

We then headed over to see the Willingdon Dam.

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