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Delhi : Lakkarwala Burj in Sunder Nursery

Monday, June 1, 2015

From a distance the Lakkarwala Burj, looked very similar to the Sundar Burj. But as we grew closer we the differences made them stand apart.
Lakkarwala Burj
 Again we walked on the stone paves with gardens all around from Sunder Mahal to reach the monument.  Felt like we were back in time. These monuments put you  in a different era all together.
Lakkarwala Burj
This monument stands on a high platform. The high platform was made of stone.  There was restoration done on the stone work, it looked that good over the years.  It had cutouts made in the stone, all around.  
Lakkarwala Burj
The design and art work done on the walls and dome of it looked similar to Sundar Burj. Minute changes on it, made a big difference.
Lakkarwala Burj
For a change the doors of this monument were open, and we stepped in to see it from the inside. The walls were beautifully painted. The art work displayed on the dome was mind blowing. It makes me ponder, how they might have done it in that era with no a mistake. Symmetry…
Ceiling of Lakkarwala Burj
There were carving are wonderful 
and inscriptions are in Arabic or maybe Persian on the walls. As I don’t know the language couldn’t interpret it. 

We then went ahead to see the Arched Platform.


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