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Goa - Accomodation at Madgaon

Monday, October 27, 2014

We then headed out of Madgaon Railway Station. As we are trekkers we decided to walk it out till Madgaon City. I had estimated that it would take us around 45 minutes to reach.

It was not raining, though it rained while we were travelling to Madgaon, the weather was humid. We walked and walked and in another 15 mins we decided to board a rickshaw to take us to Madgaon City. 

The rickshaw had a State of the Art look. It had doors on the side of it with small windows in it. The ride make you sweat and gasping for breath.   

We crossed the bridge, the architecture of which I had always admired.  Other side of the bridge is  Madgaon City.

Why I admire the bridge so much? I don't know, who built this bridge and why they built this bridge in this manner. But never the less that is the only way we can commute to the city. So finger on my lips.

The rickshaw driver don't work as per the meter and quote any fee. He charged us Rs. 60. Not bad. He dropped us outside the Margao Muncipility Building.

From there we headed off to Gomati Hotel. Why Gomati Hotel? We had stayed here when I was visiting Goa during the carnival. The rooms are nice at a cheap price and restaurants and travel utilities are easy to find.

Hotel Gomati is located near to Hotel Saaj (check Google Maps) on the junction of the Luis Miranda Road and the Minguel Loyola Furtado Road. Hotel Gomati is not tagged o Google Maps.

I headed off to Gomati Hotel and advertised  that I was a blogger and that I had a webite and I am here to travel and wite about Goa. 

They offered us room no.101. Rs.1100 would give us AC, hot water, TV and Fridge in a double bed room. for Rs. 840 we would get all the above minus the AC. As I would be covering their Hotel they gave me all of the above for Rs.840.

Wise thought, I should keep promoting my blog more to get better deals in accomodation. haha.

The time was 3 PM on my watch. We had two agendas for the day. Lunch and Motorbike. We were hungry and so decided to head out for some lunch. Though we had crossed the lunch time, we still decided to try our luck.


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