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An Encounter with the Cows at Khar Road Railway Station Ticket Counter

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One of my friends asked me to meet her outside the Khar Road Railway Ticket Counter.

The time we decided was 6 PM. I have never alighted at Khar on my travel by train.

Like always my friend was late and I had to kill time outside the ticket counter. I was checking out the timings of the trains when suddenly something brushed me on my right side, "Who is this mannerless creature?" I said to myself. To my surprise it was a cow. 

Cow at the ticket counter. Now I was curious what the cow was upto. I followed the cow. The cow stopped at an un-manned ticket counter. Sneaked its mouth in the small circular hole in the glass trying to get itself a ticket. But sadly there was no one to hear it out. 

The cow turned its head to the left, there were men standing in a queue to get themselves a ticket. I guess the cow tried to interact with them. Sadly no one understood the cow :( the cow then sat down. Poor Cow.

My friend finally arrived at 6:15 PM and I narrated the entire story to her. She couldn't believe that all this had happened. Though she saw the cow sitting down next to the ticket counter. She thought I was cooking up a story. Now how do I prove my point.

Suddenly another cow rubbed me on my left hand side and went in. "You watch" I said to her. Now this cow did the same thing which the earlier cow did. Sadly no one understood the cow. Thanks GOD for sending this second cow. 

Looks like the traveler cows want to travel but somehow they are not able to communicate with the man on the other side of the ticket counter.

We both had a good laugh and walked out. This is the first time I encountered cows trying to book themselves a ticket to travel by train. If animals have such good thoughts , then why cant we humans do the same. This will stop ticket less travel. LOL


Shaivi said...

Lol! Good one! Loved the narration...will look for the traveller cows the next time m there!

Unknown said...

Thanks Shaivi, you will surely find a traveller cows. If not at the train station, but surely parked in the middle of a busy street. LOL

Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

This was one hilarious episode, narrated very well. And you're right about the fact that we humans ought to learn from them.

Unknown said...

Hahaha, maybe i should try posting it on whatsapp,it will be forwarded fata fat

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