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Goa - Chapel of Mount Mary in Old Goa

Thursday, April 9, 2015

When I was in school, I had visited this church up in the hills. Alan my cousin was our guide to the churches in Old Goa. 
Sign board
 Most of the churches and chapels are located on ground level, except this one.

I remember Alan had taken us up hill to visit this chapel, called Chapel of Mount Mary. that's why the name Mount Mary.
 Chapel of Mount Mary
Though not many people know that this Chapel exists, we asked a vendor who guided us to this Chapel.

We were the only one here. a series of steps lead the the white colored Chapel.
 Closer view of  Chapel of Mount Mary
The Chapel was closed, there was no care taker either, so there was no way we could see it from the inside.

Not much is known about the history of this Chapel. 
Konkan Railway in a distance
The Chapel offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Old Goa, the other churches in Old Goa, the coconut trees, river Mandovi twisting and turning itself and off course the Konkan Railway. 
View of  River Mandovi from Chapel top
We sat here for a couple of minutes, to view the greenery all around us. we could even hear the chirping of the birds, something that I miss in the city. I didn't feel like leaving but had too as we had more places on our itinerary too. 

Panaromic View of churches and chapels in Old Goa
Namrata also told me that a couple of movies are also shot here, including GolMaal 2. 


Unknown said...

That looks like a beautiful place - so many great places to explore in Goa:-)

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