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Dadar Kabooter Khana

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dadar Kabooter Khana is located near Dadar station. Pigeons flock here as people feed them grains.

Many people feel that feeding Kabooter (Pigeons) is a good deed and so they buy grain from grain vendors especially to feed them. Maybe it brings them good luck is their activities. 
Dadar Kabooter Khana
The Kabooter Khana is a circular enclosure where pigeons flock to be fed. It has a small fountain in the middle where water can be poured, but it is not in working condition. 
Dadar Kabooter Khana
I guess someone has filled it with water so that the birds can drink out of it.
There are many such Kabooter Khana’s all over Mumbai.


mandy said...

nice! :)

R Niranjan Das said...

Nice blog.

merwynsrucksack said...

Thanks Mandy and R Niranjan Das

Rohan Singhs Blog said...

A wonderful post ! I personally feel really good after feeding birds !

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