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Wander and Outing Essential

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


There is no specific or ideal time to go for a trek or an outing. If you feel that you need a break, pack up your bags and leave. You can go on an outing in the summer, monsoon or winter seasons. You can choose to go on a one-day outing, a weekend getaway or a vacation. Here is what each season has to offer you.

Summer: In the summer, a large number of people choose to take a break as schools and colleges are closed. In the summers, it is advisable to go to places which are cool and do not face a water shortage. A hill station is a good choice for a summer outing. Also in the summer you can get a very good panoramic view of the surroundings.

Monsoon: It is fun to go trekking or on an outing in this season, as it is neither very not nor very cold. The weather is pleasant. The colour green, courtesy the rains, is guaranteed to soothe the eyes. City-bred folks will definitely appreciate the sight of greenery. In this season, you will also be lucky to see waterfalls and mountains covered with greenery.

Winter: Winters promise cool weather and if you go trekking in this season you will reach your destination with less perspiration. In fact, this is the best time to go for a trek.

When on an outing, please do some research online regarding the best mode of travel, and places to stay and eat.

Depending on your budget and convenience, you can choose to travel by the great Indian railways (a mode of travel that may sometimes be inconvenient, but has its own charm), road transport, including buses, taxis, cars and bikes, ferries and private boats and flight travel.

Monetary considerations can also influence your choice of places to stay. You can choose to stay at hotels (1-star to 5-star), motels and rooms on rent. You can eat at hotels or any roadside dhabas, where cheap eating options are available. Make sure the food is hygienically prepared and served. You don't want a case of Delhi Belly after returning from your trip!

If you are going in a group, do remember to book in advance. But if you are the adventurous type who can adjust comfortably in any scenario, just do your basic research and go to your destination as you can get the best on-the-spot deals depending on your capacity to bargain. There are many budget hotels where you can avail of low-stay rooms. Similarly if you hire a private vehicle, you will end up shelling out more than you would have on government run buses and trains.

Outing Essentials

Whether you go on a one-day trip, weekend getaway or a vacation, there are some things that you had better include in your baggage.

1. For a one-day trek, invest in a good backpack, which can accommodate all your trekking requirements. At the same time, it should not be too heavy on your back and shoulders. For a weekend getaway or vacation, go with a good strolley, or a duffle bag along with a backpack.

2. An additional set of clothes is a must. Rain gear for the monsoon and warm clothes for the winters are a must.

3. Footwear: No matter what the season, when you go on a trek, it is better to wear shoes with a good grip. You don't want to slip down some of those tricky slopes. If you going to a sea fort or beach, good quality slippers and sandals will do. Again the point to remember here is that the shoes must have a good grip.

4. Water bottle

5. Food: Prefer dry food articles over oily and spicy foods.

6. Cap

7. Multi utility knife e.g. swiss knife

8. Torch with a good focus

9. Pen and notebook in case you want to jot down stuff

10. First aid kit

11. A good camera (Digital or SLR) or handycam if you want to capture the raw beauty of nature. Go for cameras and handycams which have a high Optical Zoom and Wide Angle as these are the features that will serve you best in photography. Also go for equipment which runs on Lithum batteries instead of pencil cell batteries. It is advisable to carry additional batteries and memory cards. Chargers are compulsory.

12. Lots of plastic bags to collect all your used material so as to not dirty the place around and plastic bags to pack your clothing

13. Tissue papers and newspapers

14. Your daily utility stuff

15. Jumpers or bedding if you go for camping in the wild

16. Magnetic compass

17. Match box or lighter

18. Cutlery for overnight camping

19. A mini multi utility sling bag/pouch to accommodate your camera essentials, wallet, multi utility knife etc

20. A mini stove if you plan to cook food when on a camping trip

21. Ready-to-make food stuff on a camping trip

22. A good mosquito repellent cream when camping outdoors

23. A good winter lotion for winters and a good sunscreen for summers

24. Mobile phones with chargers

25. GPS device

26. Maps

27. An open mind


abhijit said...

Dry sacks are very useful while hiking. I had no idea these existed till I started hiking with pros. Also cotton clothes are a no-no. Wear synthetics that dry quickly.


Thanks Abhijit for this info, If you have any more tips pls feel free to write to me

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