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Tipu Sultan Palace (Bangalore)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tipu Sultan's Palace is located in Bangalore, very close to the City Market.

Tipu's Palace from a distance
This fort can be accessed either by a state transport bus or a rickshaw. You can ask the locals around as they are very helpful in guiding you to the Palace.

An entry fee of Rs 5 needs to be paid at the entrance in order to enter the Palace. Shutterbugs, please note, photography is allowed in this Palace.

As you enter, you will see a well maintained garden just at the entrance of the Palace.

Carved Pillars in the Palace

The Palace which is very small is painted brown. One storey tall, it has been made completely of wood and has finely embellished balconies, pillars and arches according to the Islamic style.  The walls and the ceiling have been decorated with beautiful floral designs. The construction of this palace was started by Hyder Ali and completed by his son Tipu Sultan in 1791. The palace, though small, is very impressive.

View from the top storey

Backyard of the Palace

A small museum within the palace houses some of the things that Tipu Sultan actually used in his lifetime. The guy actually used rocket swords and spears in battle, long before NASA arrived on the scene. Based on the rockets you will realize how intelligent Tipu Sultan was if he could think of rockets back then.
Rocket swords and spears
He also had a mechanical tiger as a toy which he had gifted to a British officer. The toy portrayed the tiger killing the British. The hatred he had for the British was clearly visible from this. Sorryo had to use the flash or else could not capture the mechanical tiger as the place was not properly lit up.

Mechanical Tiger
A must see for all eyes.


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