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Tiracol Fort

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tiracol Fort also known as Terekhol Fort is located near the Tiracol river in Arambol in Pernem in Goa. This fort is located on the border of Goa and Maharashtra. 

The fort was built by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, the Raja of Sawantwadi in the 17th century. The fort was built to keep a watch over the Arabian Sea. The fort was later conquered by the Portuguese in 1746 after a war with the Raja of Sawantwadi.
Walls of Tiracol Fort

Goa is the closest getaway for Mumbaikars. The beaches here are swarming with people on weekends. Goa is a hotspot not only for us Indians but also for foreigners. There are many who came here as tourists to catch the sights that Goa has to offer, then fell in love with the place and decided to spend the rest of their lives here.
Tiracol fort in a distance

Being a native of Goa, I go there once a year. It is a good opportunity to meet family and friends and feel connected to my roots. I also feel that Goa has much to offer as far as my love for exploration is concerned. Goa is not only a land of beaches but also houses many historical monuments. There is a lot of history associated with this little state. Goa was a Portuguese colony until 1961. Later it became a union territory and then a state of India.
Boats in the waters

I asked my cousin Sholto to accompany me on a visit to Tiracol Fort, a fort built by the Portuguese. Tiracol Fort is located at Arambol which is 32 km from Mapusa. The fort now houses the Tiracol Fort Heritage Hotel.
Inscription at the entrance of Tiracol Fort

We decided to travel by car to see the fort. It was necessary to cross the river along the way. We left home in the morning around 9 to see the fort. It took us around 2½ hours to reach the jetty at Kerim beach. The roads of Goa are very interesting as well as picturesque. We drove along the beaches of Ashvem and Arambol to reach Kerim beach in order to board the ferry. After alighting on the other side, it is a 10-minute drive up the fort. The view from up here is very nice.

Alternatively this fort can also be reached from Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. Not sure about the route though.
Entrance to Tiracol Fort
Main Door at Tiracol Fort
Spears put on display at the entrance of Tiracol Fort

There are coconut trees all around. The sun shining down on the water gives the sea a beautiful silvery effect. There is a Cross in the middle of the water which can be reached when the tide is low. Unfortunately, there is not much to see in the fort as it has been converted into a hotel. There is a chapel inside the fort painted white. In Goa, interestingly, all chapels and churches are painted white.
Chapel at Tiracol Fort

Statue of Jesus at Tiracol Fort
We had a few refreshments at the fort and then headed back home.


Flature said...

Hey Merwyn.. its a small but good info on GOA... I suppose every village in GOA has its own history.. keep updating... Good pics on the forts..

merwynsrucksack said...

Thanks Flature, Goa roadtrip is in Feb, if you wish to join

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