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My First Step

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Big Hi to all those who know me and a bigger Hi to those who don't know me as yet. I am Merwyn Rodrigues. Welcome to my blog, Merwynsrucksack. I love to go travelling and it is always a treat for me to look at the photos I have shot on my trips and recall the great times I've had. So I decided to go a step further and jot down my adventures along with photos. Hope you enjoy re-living my experiences with me.

Keep yourself glued to this blog every week. You will find a new post relating to my adventures.

So until a new post appears, here's wishing both you and me a very happy and eventful journey.

If you like my blog, Please add comments on the blog itself and If you wish to receive notifications regarding my furture posts, please add yourself as a follower on my blog.


Rahul Menon said...

There i read all your blogs. Now I have book marked many. Mostly those places in and around mumbai. Always planned and did visit few but your blogs compel me to pick it up from where I left it. Thanks you for the interesting read and inspiration.

Wild Shutter said...

Amazing destination covered and a very nice blog, Thanks for the information of all the little known destinations.

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