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Bangalore Palace

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bangalore Palace is very close to Bangalore Palace Grounds where musical concerts are held.

Completed in 1944, it is a replica of the Windsor Castle in. This Palace was brought by Chamaraja Wodeyar and is now owned by the current King of the Wodeyar dynasty.

The Palace looks very beautiful from the outside. For a moment I thought I was visiting one of the palaces in the United Kingdom.

Bangalore Palace

Outside the Palace, I found a few horses grazing. Royal Horses, I guess.

Not many people come to visit this place but I decided to.

The Palace is manned by royal soldiers, 365 days a year. Outside the Palace, there are a few cannons and a few carts, all unique, not one similar to the other. Carts were used for transportation in that era when there were no petrol-driven vehicles.

Since the current heir to the Wodeyar dynasty resides in the Palace, only a part of it is open to public viewing. Viewers are charged an entry fee of Rs 100 for visiting and Rs 500 for photography. A caretaker is on hand to show you around.

Of course, there is not much to see in the palace as most of the stuff was moved to the Mysore Palace for public display there. Thank God, I didn’t pay the camera charges or else it would have been good money gone down the drain.

Bangalore Palace

It took me 30 minutes to see the entire palace. Soon I was out, ready to shoot some excellent photos of the gardens in the Palace premises.

The Palace garden and the exteriors of the Palace are certainly worth watching. Sadly one can’t say the same about the interiors.


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