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Danda Fort

Sunday, January 18, 2015

We then decided to walk it out to Danda Fort. The locals here are very helpful with directions to visit the fort. As both the forts are far away from the Temple premises they all inquired if we had a two wheeler to take us there, to which we declined. They had informed us that walking it would take us around 45 minutes to reach Danda Fort, as it is located on the other side of the Danda bridge which is built over the Danda creek.
View of Danda Creek, Kelve Fort and Arabian Sea from Danda Bridge
Now the sun was right over our heads but that didn't stop us, we kept marching forward towards Danda Fort. Though it was hot, wind was blowing like crazy and so we didn't feel the heat. The Danda bridge offers a wonderful view of the creek, the sea in a distance, Kelve Fort in the middle of the water and the sleeping villages around it, not to forget the mangroves and the hill ranges in a distance.
View of Danda creek from Danda Bridge

A couple of boats were anchored in the creek waters. The sun shinning on the waters was a amazing sight to see. 

Banyan Tree near the Danda Fort walls
All that remains of the fort walls
We reached the other side of the creek and inquired with a local kid and he said that its at the turning of this road. In a couple of minutes we were at the Danda Fort.   
Another view of the fort walls
We were shocked to see that a new house was being built just outside the fort walls, blocking the view of the fort from the road. Sad to say that just two walls of the fort stand tall, a big thanks to the banyan tree which has grown near the walls.  The place offers very good shade, again thanks to the banyan tree. The locals have built a series of toilets around the fort. I am shocked to see the state of this historic monument. 
Toilets near the fort premises

I believe the house near the fort was built illegally and hence some boys were guarding it. They were curious to know who we were and from where we had come. Though they did let us see the entire fort or should I say what remains of the fort. 

Structure covering the fort walls
We then inquired with them and started on to visit Bhawangad Fort, they informed us that it would take us around 30 minutes to reach it. 
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