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Goa - Food at Hotel Marina near Lohia Maiden in Madgaon City

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The time was around 3:30 PM when we reached Hotel Marina. Hotel Marina is located opposite to Lohia Maiden in Madgaon City.

I immediately headed in and asked, if they still serve lunch. To that I got a horizontal nod. Taking that to be a NO, I headed out, the man immediately replied that they do serve lunch. Strange. Why did he say NO, I had asked him in konkani which is the local language here. 

I didn't want to think any longer and immediatley placed our order for food. Fish Thali for me and Vegetable Thali for Namrata. 

The Fish was just amazing, it was fried in coconut oil, it was fresh and tasty, I was enjoying every bite of it. The orange gravy was made of coconut and was equally tasty, it was prepared the way my Mom cooks at home. The reddish liquid is hotel Marina's version of Kokum Solkadi, it was nice and spicey. The vegetables served with it were okay, the prawns fried in onions was good to eat too. what say Namrata. O , she has no comments.

Namrata had a two special vegetables in her plate, sadly I didn't taste them, as I was too busy eating the fish.

We then ordered for Lassi as they didn't have Buttermilk. The Lassi was thick, nothing like the one we get in Mumbai. I surely enjoyed the Lassi, a little bit heavy on my tummy thugh but it was okay. I was prepared to walk for hours in the Garden nearby to digest it all.

Dinner at this place was a complete disaster. 

We had ordered for Chinese, Now we knew at the back of our minds that the taste would differ but such a difference was something I didn't expect. 

We had ordered for Shezwan Chicken Fried Rice and Veg Fried Rice.

The waiter came with our order and started serving the Shezwan Fried Rice to Namrata. On which I told him that it is my order and not hers, to this he adds that this is the way it is prepared here. Shezwan Fried Rice without the Red color.

I was like WTF. I immediately called for the manager to confirm, on the dishes. The waiter was wrong, so the Manager apologized for his fault and inter changed the plates for us.

The taste of the Fried Rice, what should I say. I couldn't eat it at all, none of the sauces used mixed well with it, it was not properly prepared, RAW form.

God alone knows why he kept Chinese on the menu when he doesnt know how to prepare it.

The lunch served here was amazing, but cant say that about the dinner.


Unknown said...

Nice article, Goa is one of the favorite tourist part in India, especially foods are too good...
Thanks for your wonderful sharing



Thanks Arun Bizbilla.
Love staying here then the commercial north Goa

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