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Kunkeshwar Temple

Monday, March 10, 2014

A day before we had inquired at the ST bus stand regarding the timings for the buses to Kunkeshwar Temple and Vijaydurg Fort and how to go about it. We were told to do Kunkeshwar Temple in the morning and later head out to see Vijaydurg. Though there is no direct mode of transport to Vijaydurg we had to come back to the depot to board a bus to Vijaydurg.

We then decided to do Kunkeshwar Temple first and later do Vijaydurg. We planned to board the 730 hours bus to the temple.

As decided the night earlier, we boarded the 730 hours bus at Devgad ST bus stand. Note that there are few direct buses to Kunkeshwar and many going via Kunkeshwar, the bus we boarded goes via Kunkeshwar.

Kunkeshwar Temple

The bus was comparatively empty though it was morning. The view is amazing as the road is a rollercoaster ride in the hills offering amazing view of the land. The roads were good for car drifters, it reminded me of the scene in the movie, Fast and Furious 3 where they had ad drifting race downhill.

Finally after 1 ½ hours at a cost of Rs. 28 one way we were at the footsteps of the temple.

There are many stalls selling offerings outside the temple.

Hithakshi offered prayers here while I started my photo shoot of the temple.

The Kunkeshwar Temple is located in Kunkeshwar Village which is situated around 14 km from Devgad and the temple is dedicated to Shiva. This temple was built in 100 AD by the Yadav Kings. Shivaji Maharaj too tied to keep this temple intact.

Beach outside the temple premises
The temple was newly constructed near the sea. The beach had beige sands and grey colored water lashing on the shore. The water was good for a swim, but I couldn’t locate any one swimming on the shore. Some stretch of the beach was rocky especially the one near the temple.

There were no waste or sea weeds on the shore.

After we were done with Hithakshi’s prayers and my photo shoot we headed back to Devgad ST bus depot as we planned to do Vijaydurg today.

The ride back was also a rollercoaster ride, but this time cost of the ticket is Rs. 24. How come the price reduced by Rs.4. So we asked the conductor on which he told us it is based on the no.  of stops it makes. Ooo iii cccc

At around 1100 hours we were at Devgad ST bus stand.


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